Build and enforce custom risk profiles in nano seconds before Market Access is permitted.
Powerful monitoring tools display active trading status with automatic trade controls standing at the ready.
Customized, detailed and meaningful reports inform personnel and satisfy compliance obligations.
The TripleCheck system is an “in-line” low latency pre-trade risk management system specifically designed to achieve full compliance with 15c3-5.

The high speed system includes more than 20 risk checks and trading controls which allow the Broker to set advanced equity allocation rules, warning alerts and gradients of trading stops. Workflow tools automate the Beginning of Day and End of Day clearing files. An advanced user interface facilitates Broker to Client communication and ensures the Risk Officer can quickly monitor and mitigate trading breaches.

The TripleCheck turnkey system allows you to:
  • Monitor real-time equity usage levels
  • Track open order and position exposure
  • Control and limit specific trades
  • Automate Beginning of Day and End of Day file production
  • Easily integrate with existing systems